Briconomics specialises in fundraising using personalised engraved bricks & stone.

Supporters can have their own name and message engraved and hand finished on a brick/stone. These bricks/stones are placed in a Walkway or Wall to form a lasting impression and a deep bond with your members.
Briconomics adds a powerful marketing programme with a wealth of fundraising ideas to enhance the engraved brick/stone concept in order to help maximise your fundraising.
Intelligent use of bricks and high quality marble and granite stone in ‘Walls of Fame’ and ‘Walkways of Life’ are a brilliant fundraising idea and a way of both generating significant sums of money with virtually no risk, and creating a permanent connection between your organisation and its supporters.

Briconomics is not only an exceptional fund raising tool, but it is also a great loyalty and recognition program for fans and supporters. It enhances stadiums, schools, hospitals, etc. with eye catching walkways and walls